If change for you is a natural move, definitely s7 is your workspace.

You may use it once in a while or everyday, working by yourself or in group, eventually organizing meetings, but always learning, teaching and doing business.
The only brazilian member at LExC, the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces.

In 2017, S7 was the first brazilian coworking admitted to LExC, the global network of 89 spaces in 43 cities, where location, design and service are standard, making content, community and business the natural move. 

Among the benefits, s7 coworkers have access to all LExC spaces with no extra costs.

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An original space must go far beyond location, service and design.

Authenticity comes from attitude, repertoire and autonomy to create real business relationships.

  •   Coworkers promotion platform.
  •   Shared content curatorship.
  •   Solid business governance.
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The most eclectic content program to promote creativity and commerce.

Working with partners in Brazil and abroad, we create the right context to develop original contents, relevant causes and new talents.

  • We are truly obsessed for foundations.
  • We reject chichés.
  • We never sell tickets.
  • We are really pragmatic.  


Spots for every use and three amazing Studios.

Spot Half

R$40/6 hours

No strings and free access to a hot desk and lounge.

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Spot Entry


Hot desk + lounge everyday, during a flexible 4-hours period.

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Spot Solo


A dedicated full-time desk, with a locker, wired ethernet and more.

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Studio Aarhus  (unavailable)


Decorated for 2 coworkers and 1 visitor at our second floor.

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Meetings to inspire, develop or resolve.
Your meeting space tells a lot about your intention with clients and partners. At s7, in addition the finest location, interior design and equipments in town, you count on a team ready to deliver a great experience.
  • Business lounge and meeting rooms.
  • Smart TV, white board, printing and imaging.
  • Concierge and coffee service.
Events to promote, educate and celebrate.

Plug n' play, defines s7 as an events venue. Flexible environments and top-notch equipment with everything you need to amaze teams and clients with no effort.

  • Settings for 25, 40, 65 and 100 people. 
  • Trusted partners for elaborated productions.
  • Curatorship and promotion support.
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